The Pepper Ridge North Valley's
December 2009 Weather Highlights

Summary of December 2009 was a below normal month with;
Below Normal Temperatures and slightly above Normal Rainfall

December 2009 started off with Warm Weather and near normal temperatures. The weather began to change on the about the 4th when the first major winter storm of the season began to approach the state. The storm arrive on Dec 6th and 7th bringing significant rain to the central valley and Blizzard conditions to the high country. 0.86 inches of rain fell at Pepperridge which ended a long dry spell which had presisted since the end of the very dry Monsoon Season in September! In fact only 0.05 inches of rain had fallen since Sept 1st prior to the arrival of this first significant winter storm of the season. This strong storm also produced a round of strong thunderstorms that produce the peak wind gust of 43 mph at Pepperridge, although parts of the valley report wind gust in 50 to 60 mph range with some wind related damage reported accross the valley.

The weather remained cooler than normal in wake of the this storm as several weaker systems past through the state. A warm up began on the 14th as high pressure returned and the Temperature peak for the month on Dec 17th with a high on 71.7F Pleasnt weather continued through the 20th below the next storm approached the state.

Below normal temperatures returned on Dec 21st as a fast moving storm moved through the state on the 22nd bring valley thunderstorms and mountain snow although this storm was not nearly as strong as the storm early in the month. Cold weather presited in the wake of the storm with the coldest night of the year occuring on Christmas morning with a low of 33.3F however it was not quite cold enough to freeze the last freeze occured in Dec 2008 on Dec 28th with 31.8F. Cool below normal weather presisted though the end of the month as another storm affected primary the high country on Dec 30th with mountain snows but only a Trace of rain here at Pepperridge. The skies cleared quickly to provide a execellent viewing of the Blue Moon on New Year's Eve.

By month's end we had below normal temperatures with a mean temp 50.5F. We ended the month with above normal slightly above normal rainfall with 1.12 inches for the month of December, there was only 3 days with measurable rainfall during the month which ended up the 5th wetest December on record. Even the wet December could not relief the on going drought. For the year we ended with significantly below normal rainfall with 4.43 inches, (5.67 Inches) below the yearly average of 10.10 inches. With less than half of normal rainfall this was the driest year on record beating 2002's 5.40 inches by nearly 1 inch.

You can view the complete summarized December 2009 Monthly Weather summary for Pepper Ridge North Valley listed below and you can find the (full record details for December at Peppperridge North Valley in the hightlights box listed below!)

The Pepper Ridge North Valley's
Dec 2009 Weather Highlights

Dec 2009 Highlights average mean temp 50.5F
The Normal Average Mean in 52.2F
So Dec 2009 was (1.7F) Below Average

Hottest Dec Mean Temperature 54.1F in 2001
Lowest Dec Mean Temperature 49.6F in 2007

Average Max Temperature was 62.2F
The Normal Dec Average High is 66.1F
So Dec 2009 was (3.9F) Below Average

Average Min Temperature was 40.4F
The Normal Aug Average Low is 40.9F
So Dec 2009 was (0.5F) Below Average

Hottest Dec Average Max Temperature 68.9F in 2000
Lowest Dec Average Min Temperature 38.9F in 2001

Hottest Dec Max Temerature 81.0F on Dec 1st, 2003
Coolest Dec Min Temerature 27.4F on Dec 29th, 2003

Dec Precipitation was 1.12 inches which is the 5th wettest on record.
The greatest 24hr total 0.86 inches on Dec 7th

The Dec Precipation average is 0.88 inches
so the month was + 0.24 inches above Normal.

Wetest Dec on record 2.30 inches in 2004
Driest Dec on record 0.00 inches in 1999 & 2005

December 2009 Statistics
current thru Dec 31st, 2009

Hottest temperature ... 71.7F on December 17th

Coldest temperature ... 33.3F on December 25th

Lowest maximum ... 53.3F on December 8th

Highest minimum ... 48.2F on December 7th

Maximum Wind Gust this month ... 42 mph on December 7th

Total rain so far this year ... 4.43* in.

Most rain in one day ... 0.86 in. on December 7th

Total rain in this month ... 1.12 in.

The number of days last month
the HIGH temperature was

Less than 60 ... 12 days

Less than 70 ... 27 days

70 or more .... 4 days

80 or more .... 0 days

90 or more .... 0 days

The number of days last month
the LOW temperature was

32 or less ..... 0 days

45 or less ..... 25 days

50 or more ..... 0 days

60 or more ..... 0 days

Dec 2009 Weather Station Highlights

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