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Currently:98.9°F Sunny, Dry
Sunny, Dry
Comfort Index: Uncomfortably Hot
 Updated17-Jun-2019 6:00pm @ 
Time of Next Full Update: 6:05 pm -  Station Elev: 1469 ft  
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Current Conditions

@ 17-Jun-2019 6:00pm
98.9°F Colder 0.5°F than last hour.
Temp Change: °F /hr
Sunny, Dry  Sunny, Dry
Feels Like: 95 °F
Humidity: 18%Increased 1% since last hour.
Dew Point: 48.0 °FIncreased 1.1°F since last hour.
Wind: Wind from SW SW@
0.5 mph
Gust: 0.0 mph
Pressure: 29.67 in Falling 0.006 inHg/hour
Solar Rad: 100%
294 W/m2
UV Index: 0.6
Rain Today: 0.00 in
Rain Rate: 0.000 in
Rain Month: 0.00 in
Rain Year: 4.58 in


Sunrise: 5:17 am
Sunset: 7:40 pm
Moonrise: 7:20 pm
Moonset: 5:37 am
Full Moon
Full Moon, Moon age: 15 days,3 hours,33 minutes,100%

Daily Min/Max

Today's High Temp: 101.2°F
Today's Low Temp: 74.5°F
Today's High Humidity: 35%
Today's Low Humidity: 15%
Today's High Dewpoint: 51.1°F
Today's Low Dewpoint: 43.1°F
Today's High Barometric Pressure: 29.796 in/Hg
Today's Low Barometric Pressure: 29.673 in/Hg
Today's High Wind Speed: 25.3 mph
High UV:
High Solar:
1021 W/m2
Today's High Rain Rate: 0.000 in/min
Today's High
Hourly Rain Rate:
0.000 in/hr
Days Since
Last Rain:
24 Days
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World Weather Extremes Page

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Maximum Temperature Last 24h. 06/18/2019 at 01:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Red Bluff, Red Bluff Municipal Airport (United States) 72591 106.0°F
2 Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (United States) 72278 105.1°F
3 Redding, Redding Municipal Airport (United States) 72592 105.1°F
4 Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport (United States) 72386 100.9°F
5 Tucson, Az (United States) 72274 100.9°F
6 Bakersfield, Meadows Field Airport (United States) 72384 98.1°F
7 El Paso, El Paso International Airport (United States) 72270 97.0°F
8 Fresno, Fresno Air Terminal (United States) 72389 96.1°F
9 Kingman, Kingman Airport (United States) 72370 96.1°F
10 Mercury, Desert Rock Airport (United States) 72387 96.1°F
11 Augusta, Bush Field (United States) 72218 95.0°F
12 Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi International Airport (United States) 72251 95.0°F
13 Montgomery, Dannelly Field (United States) 72226 95.0°F
14 Stockton, Stockton Metropolitan Airport (United States) 72492 95.0°F
15 Brownsville, Brownsville / South Padre Island International Airport (United States) 72250 93.9°F
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Minimum Temperature Last 24h. 06/18/2019 at 01:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Gulkana, Gulkana Airport (United States) 70271 37.0°F
2 Mount Washington (United States) 72613 37.2°F
3 Alamosa, San Luis Valley Regional Airport (United States) 72462 39.0°F
4 Kodiak, Kodiak Airport (United States) 70350 39.0°F
5 Shemya, Eareckson As (United States) 70414 39.2°F
6 King Salmon, King Salmon Airport (United States) 70326 39.9°F
7 Pocatello, Pocatello Regional Airport (United States) 72578 41.0°F
8 Alpena, Alpena County Regional Airport (United States) 72639 42.1°F
9 Bettles, Bettles Airport (United States) 70174 42.1°F
10 Flagstaff (United States) 72375 42.1°F
11 Port Heiden, Port Heiden Airport (United States) 70333 42.1°F
12 Adak Island, Adak Airport (United States) 70454 43.0°F
13 Ely, Ely Airport (United States) 72486 43.0°F
14 Havre, Havre City-County Airport (United States) 72777 45.0°F
15 Houghton Lake, Roscommon County Airport (United States) 72638 45.0°F
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Maximum Precipitation Last 24h. 06/18/2019 at 01:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Evansville, Evansville Regional Airport (United States) 72432 3.14 in
2 Cross City/Cross City A., Fl. (United States) 72212 1.79 in
3 Louisville, Standiford Field (United States) 72423 1.67 in
4 Pueblo, Pueblo Memorial Airport (United States) 72464 1.65 in
5 Beaumont / Port Arthur, Southeast Texas Regional Airport (United States) 72241 1.42 in
6 Victoria, Victoria Regional Airport (United States) 72255 1.26 in
7 Huntington, Tri-State Airport (United States) 72425 1.18 in
8 San Antonio, San Antonio International Airport (United States) 72253 1.17 in
9 Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh International Airport (United States) 72520 1.16 in
10 Lake Charles, Lake Charles Regional Airport (United States) 72240 1.07 in
11 Orlando, Orlando International Airport (United States) 72205 0.96 in
12 Waco, Waco Regional Airport (United States) 72256 0.94 in
13 Akron, Akron-Canton Regional Airport (United States) 72521 0.83 in
14 Lexington, Blue Grass Airport (United States) 72422 0.79 in
15 Cheyenne, Cheyenne Airport (United States) 72564 0.75 in
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

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