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Original Exposé Girls Promo Photo Formed 1984 in Miami, Florida, Exposé began as a project of pop svengali Lewis Martineé, to promote his single, "Point Of No Return",the group was orignially called "X-posed".

Martineé wrote and recorded the single "Point Of No Return" with Alè Lorenzo (lead Vocals), Laurie Miller, and Sandra Casanas, which was originally released in 1985 on his Pantera label as a 12" vinyl single under the name "X-posed".(Pictured Below) The song became a number one Billboard Hot Dance Club Play hit. The success of "Point of No Return" quickly led Exposé to their signing with Arista Records, who promptly assumed distribution of the 12" vinyl single.

Original Release of Point of No Return The group which was now known by the name Exposé followed this success by releasing 1986's "Exposed To Love", and the group began work on an album. They went in the studio forming a new line up of Laurie Miller, Gioia Carmen Bruno and Jeanette Jurado, with Alè Lorenzo's voice remaining as lead on "Exposed To Love" and on backround vocals. Before it's completion Laurie Miller moved on to a solo project. All her vocals remained on the album with Ann Curless stepping in to take over her leads.

What Really Happened to Exposé?

A prespective from original member Laurie Miller

Alè Lorenzo
Sandra Casanas
Laurie Miller Photos by  David Vance

The original Exposé... Alè Lorenzo, Sandra Casanas, and Laurie Miller were not let go by the label as rumor has it!

Alè Lorenzo was the first to want to leave the group because of other ambitions ... She had already agreed to do all the background vocals on the first album "Exposure" with the exception of "Exposed to Love" which she sang lead on. Arista wanted Alè's voice on the album because she was the vocalist and signature sound on the original version of Point Of No Return. Alè Lorenzo is the only original member who received any royalties from Exposé's success. After leaving Exposé, Alè Lorenzo returned to the music scene with club hits such as "Stop Me If I Fall in Love."

Sandra Casanas was released from the group, but went on to have her own solo success with the club hits such as "You're the One" (1986), "Notice Me" (1988) and "Love Desire" in 1989.

Laurie Miller was to be the only original member to stay with the group, with Gioia Bruno and Jeanette Jurado joining her. She had done all her background vocals and leads in the studio for "Exposure". Shortly before the albums completion ... because of many contractual and personal problems, (Executive producer, Frank Diaz was Laurie's fiance') ..Laurie had a change of heart and decided to leave the group to pursue a solo project... Pantera left her background vocals but refused to give her any written credit or acknowledgement. Laurie never signed a contract so she also never received any royalties from her 2 year involvment and work with Exposé

For More on Laurie Miller Visit: Laurie Miller's Site

The Video below is courtesy of Laurie Miller and XICA productions it includes concert footage as well as a local TV interview with the original girls Enjoy!

The Original Exposé

Expose' The Originals

Description: Video, TV Interview, Photos and more of the original line up of;
Laurie Miller, Ale Lorenzo and Sandra Tola


On a sad note we recently learned of the unexpected loss of Sandra Casanas (Sandeé) on December 15th, 2008, may she rest in Peace, you will be missed.

A Tribute in Memory of Sandeé

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