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Jeanette Jurado - Exposé 1987 Jeanette Livier Jurado is a member of the popular girl group Exposé. She was born on November 14, 1965, in Pico Rivera, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Jurado is a member of Exposť, along with Ann Curless and Gioia Bruno, then later Kelly Moneymaker. She was the lead singer of many of their songs, including their three biggest hits, "Come Go with Me", "Point of No Return" and "Seasons Change".

She has also performed as a actress, she had a cameo role in the movie, My Family (Mi Familia), where she play Rosie Hamilton of Rosie and Originials and sang a remake of their 1960s hit, Angel Baby.

She has also performed in Las Vegas in several minor bands including performing with jazz guitartist Nils and Carl Ferris of the Vegas band Safe Sax. She also performed in the Vegas show MadHattan.

She is now married and has two children and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the 2006, Jurado, Curless and Bruno reunited as Exposé as part of the "Freestyle Explosion" concert at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, FL, on October 21, 2006. Exposé's first full concert was at the Potawatami Casino's Northern Lights Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 29, 2006. The group toured in 2007. Moneymaker will be at select shows, subbing for Bruno when needed.

Jeanette Jurado - Profile

  • Birthdate: November 14th
  • Sign: Scorpio
  • Favorite Stone: Ruby
  • Favorite Pet: My dog Rudolph
  • Favorite Flower: Daisy
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • Favorite Movie: Imitation of Life
  • Favorite Actor: Robert Redford
  • Favorite Actress: Meryl Streep
  • Favorite Group: Journey & Exposé
  • Favorite Drink: Root Beer
  • Favorite Pastimes: Reading
  • Favorite Season: Fall
  • Favorite Fashion: Shoes can't buy enough of them!
  • Favorite Subject: English

  • Source: Exposé Tour Book - 1989
Jeanette Jurado - What Don't Know Album 1989

More Recent News on Jeanette Jurado

Jeanette Jurado - 2007In August of 2003 Jurado, Curless and Moneymaker had a brief reunion concert at the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, California. Members of Safe Sax, including music director/guitarist Steve Fansler, were part of the live band Exposé used at this performance.

In 2004 Jeanette Jurado released a single titled "Shadow of Love" for the Days of Life's TV show soundtrack.

In September 2006, Jurado reunited with Exposé members Gioia Bruno and Ann Curless. The members of Exposé toured extensively through 2007 and 2008. The group continues to perform at special events throughout the United States, including venues such as Epcot and Mohegan Sun's Wolf Den.

In December 2007, Jurado along with group members Bruno, Curless, Moneymaker, promoter Paradise Artists, and Walking Distance Entertainment were named as defendants in a lawsuit by Crystal Entertainment & Filmworks (I & II). At issue was the trademark licensing agreement for the rights to use the name Exposé.

The first case was dismissed without prejudice. The second one went to trial. During the process both Paradise Artists and Moneymaker were dismissed as defendants, and a counter suit was filed against the plaintiffs. On May 26, 2009, the court ruled in favor of the defendants on most counts, finding them only guilty of a contractual breach with the plaintiffs. The court also ruled that the plaintiffs did not prove ownership of the mark, and established that due to the line-up being the same since 1986 (with Moneymaker only replacing Bruno because of her illness) and clear identification of the group members on the albums and with touring, the defendants showed common-law proof of ownership and the "[consumer] goodwill associated with Exposť was with the members". The court awarded Jurado, Bruno, and Curless exclusive rights to the trademark.

Currently She continues to be on Tour with Exposé, as the group has performed at various venues since 2007. They should continue to tour well into 2011.


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